Taste of Russia

Survival Skills and Mushroom Saute Russian style - Taste of Russia Ep. 19

Oscar shows Glen how to feed yourself in a Russian forest with the help of his friend, survival expert Dima. After pitching a tent, they make firewood without an axe, start a fire without matches, and purify water without tablets. Of course, battling with the elements works up an appetite. Luckily, the pair comes across one of Russia’s favourite dishes: mushrooms.

Wild mushrooms saute recipe
Wild Mushrooms Saute recipe

In fact, the nation is a bit fanatic when it comes to mushrooms. Entire families often take to the forests in the summer after a fresh rain in search of the edible fungi. Nearly any Russian can tell you which ones you can eat, which are poisonous, which to fry, and which ones are better preserved. The biggest prize of all is the white mushroom, which makes fantastic soup. 

Back at the camp, they add their treasure to some simmering onions and carrots to the pot over an open fire. While they are waiting, Dima shows Glen the secret to making the perfect outdoor baked potato. 

Baked potato recipe
Baked Potato recipe

As night falls, the three adventurers sit down to a hearty savoury meal around the campfire… but Glen’s still a little nervous that one of their mushrooms may possess psychedelic properties.