Taste of Russia

Life at a Russian spa: Stinky water, mud wraps, and fried rat - Taste of Russia Ep.13

To recover from the after effects of the last episode’s “small Greek party,” Oscar and Glen go to one of Russia’s premiere spas, Mineralny Vody, to take in its legendary mineral water and treatments.

First stop is a dispensary offering a wide variety of the Caucuses’ healing waters, where the friends finds out that just because something’s good for you, it doesn’t mean it tastes good too. Next, they go to a spa for some classic health treatments. While Oscar soaks in hot mineral water in a marble tub fit for a tsar, Glen finds himself wrapped up like a mummy, encased in hot mud.

Thoroughly relaxed, Oscar and Glen head to Yutsa Mountain in nearby Pyatigorsk for something more active. Glen gets the chance to soar like an eagle in one of Russia’s best hang gliding sites.

After such a healthy and active day, Oscar decides to reward his friend’s brave feat with a “real man’s” meal, but Glen is shocked and a bit terrified to learn what dish is made of.

Coypu with vegetables recipe
Coypu with vegetables recipe

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