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Mosques, Cathedrals & Tatar cuisine: Perfect together in spectacular Kazan - Taste of Russia Ep. 26

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Oscar and Glen are in Kazan, the capital of Russia’s Republic of Tatarstan, where East and West are intertwined. They begin by visiting the multicultural city’s old fortress, or kremlin, which is home to both a spectacular mosque and an ancient Orthodox cathedral.  They also hear a legend involving one of the city’s most famous landmarks, Soyembika Tower – a tragic story of unrequited love between Ivan the Terrible and a Tatar princess.

Azu (Tatar style) recipe
Azu (Tatar style) recipe

Then, Oscar leaves Glen with an experienced chef to make Gubadia, a sweet curd pie; a favourite Tatar dish at large celebrations like weddings.  Enjoying the results of Glen’s labour over tea, Oscar suggests they check out some more sights. They visit Kazan’s Peter and Paul Cathedral, an 18th-century baroque style church that has seen the likes of Catherine the Great, Alexandre Dumas, and Alexandr Pushkin within its walls. They also check out the city’s awe-inspiring Palace of Agriculture, which boasts a 48-metre-tall tree sculpture in its entrance.

Gubadia (Sweet Tatar curd pie) recipe
Gubadia (Sweet Tatar curd pie) recipe

After all the sightseeing, the ‘gastronauts’ have worked up an appetite. They finish the day by making Azu, a hearty meat and potato dish with a Tatar twist.

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