Taste of Russia

A Caucasian adventure: Grilled sheep’s liver & local cheese in mountain paradise - Taste of Russia Ep.14

Oscar and Glen continue their exploration of the Caucasus in one of Russia’s most beautiful places, Kabardino-Balkaria. This region is home to mysterious canyons, crystal clear rivers, flourishing plains, and towering snow peaks, including Europe’s highest mountain… not to mention fantastic local cuisine.

Oscar’s friend Magomet explains that the key to making authentic Balkar dishes is to use only meat from sheep and cattle raised in the surrounding mountains and the very freshest local produce.

Zhal-Baur (liver-kebabs) recipe
Zhal-Baur (liver-kebabs) recipe

First, Oscar and Glen learn to prepare a traditional Balkar dish called Jalbaur: sheep’s liver that is wrapped in fat and grilled on skewers in the open air. They also try Bozo, a local semi-alcoholic drink made from barley. Glen thinks it tastes like butter milk, but Oscar says it’s more like sour beer.

The friends then go to a nearby farm, where Oscar learns to make homemade cheese while Glen tries his hand at scything hay.

Balkarian Cheese recipe
Balkarian Cheese recipe

Finally, when it’s time to eat, Oscar and Glen sit down at a long table with Magomet’s family to enjoy the fruits of their labour, as well as world-famous Caucasian hospitality.

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