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Language no barrier for ‘gastronauts’ in Tatarstan - Taste of Russia Ep. 27

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Oscar and Glen continue their exploration of Tatarstan at an ethnic museum that recreates Tatar village life back through the centuries. After examining the inner workings of a wooden windmill built by women during World War II, they begin cooking by whipping up some delicious potato pancakes and then, after a quick break for a sleigh ride, make a big meat and potato pie. The only problem is their instructor speaks very quickly and continuously slips into the Tatar language when barking out orders, which thoroughly befuddles Glen.

Kystyby (Flatbread with potato filling) recipe
Kystyby (Flatbread with potato filling) recipe

While the pie is baking in a wood-fired oven, the friends check out the village’s camel herd. They are surprised to learn that, unlike their desert cousins, these shaggy camels can tolerate temperatures down to -50°C and produce lactose-free milk.

Zur Belish (Big meat & potato tatar pie) recipe
Zur Belish (Big meat & potato tatar pie) recipe

As the day ends, Oscar and Glen sit down with the locals to partake in a real Tatar feast, complete with music, song, national costumes and, of course, the amazing dishes they’ve made!

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