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Employed & Homeless: Tent City home to NJ residents too ‘rich’ for aid, but too poor to pay rent

  • About 80 homeless people lived in a ‘Tent City’ in Lakeshore, New Jersey.
  • Steven Brigham, the community’s founder and minister, gave up his job to help and live among the homeless.
  • Many of the Tent City’s residents work regular jobs, but still can’t afford housing.
  • After a protracted court battle, the local government demolished the camp.

Like most Americans, Steve had a home, a good job, and a hobby –

 helping the homeless.

He founded a Tent City in the woods of Lakeshore, New Jersey for people with nowhere to live

and became its minister.

All sorts of people lived in this community.

Some were homeless because they had lost their jobs. 
Others were employed, but still couldn’t afford to keep their homes. 

The government of Lakeshore, New Jersey demolished the Tent City after a protracted court battle.

To find more about the fate of its residents, watch Tent City  USA at RTD Documentary Channel.