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Top 5 terrible issues kids are facing worldwide, witnessed by RTD

Stories of those who need our protection the most, but sometimes don't receive it. RT Doc's selection of 5 films about children from all over the world and the troubles they have to face.

Children of the Front

When a bloody civil war in the Central African Republic broke out in 2012, military groups recruited thousands of kids as soldiers. Many were barely 10 years old, to overcome their fear, commanders heavily drugged the children/kids. Now as a truce is signed, NGOs are taking the child soldiers out of the armies in an attempt to rehabilitate them.

Fallen Angels

Angeles City in the Philippines is an infamous and popular destination for sex tourism. The city is home to many children conceived by foreign holiday makers who, having taken what they wanted, left offspring in their wake. RT Doc looks at a rarely discussed angle on the sex trade and meets the kids whose biggest wish is to one day meet their dads.

Generation Standstill

The shattered dreams of Syrian children, victims of a brutal civil war. Displaced to Lebanon, they dream of going home and returning to school, but to feed their families, have to work in workshops and other dirty jobs.

They Don't Just Dance

In Afghanistan, premarital relationships are strictly forbidden. That's why the archaic tradition of 'Bacha bazi', or 'Dancing boys' is still alive. Young boys dress as girls, dance at private parties and then have sex with men. An RT Doc crew collected unique footage and interviews with the 'dancing boys', their trainers and customers. 


Ghana is home to the world's biggest electronic waste dump. Although air and soil here are heavily polluted with toxic chemicals, for many locals this job is the only way to make money, especially the children. Some of the kids come here hoping to earn enough for an education, other just to provide themselves with basic needs. Most though end up paying with their health.