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RTD crew has visited many distant corners all around the world, in search for the most extraordinary stories. Some of those that our correspondents witness are fun, some dramatic, and some of them may be even scary and shocking. Here’s RTD’s Top-10 of such moments.

I am Hunter

For Chukotka people, hunting is the only way to find precious calories to survive. Despite the experience, every time might become dangerous when the wounded prey starts to protect itself. Our correspondent joined the hunting crew for this unsafe journey.

Lost, Russian Style

When RTD corresponded James Brown decided to explore the tradition of Russian ice fishing, he never imagined what the dead phone would turn it into. With his companion Grigory Sokolov, they had to survive cold and find a way home on their own.

Under Moscow

RTD Correspondent Vitaly Buzuev joined a diggers’ squad to explore the subterranean parts of Moscow. During one of the journeys underground, the team has come across the real skeleton that has been lying for several years under collapsed ceiling of the tunnel.

119 Lives Unlived

RT correspondent Paula Slier started her journey in order to find out information about her relatives that died during the Holocaust. This led her to spending the whole night inside the walls of Auschwitz concentration camp.

Ebola Warriors

Disturbing images of taking the dead bodies from their relatives have become a part of paramedics’ daily work in Liberia during the Ebola outbreak. As well as the feeling that one inaccurate step can also bring them this incurable disease.

On Top of the World

For many people, even watching such images may be scary. For these guys, however, it’s a part of their life and identity. They simply can’t live fully without climbing radio stations, towers and other urban buildings. Without safety ropes.

Red Waters

Dozens of men stepping into the sea and the water turning into red in a few seconds – that is the traditional Faroe Islands whale hunt. RTD attended and filmed this annual mass killing tradition.

Atomic Message

The Hiroshima bombing survivor shows wounds caused by the atomic explosion. He believes that if more people knew story of his and thousands of other people, a world could be a safer place to live, without atomic weaponry.


Our team has spend a week with Donetsk emergency workers, who save life of civillians, injured during shellings. 
Shells flying over their heads while paramedics search for survivors with risk to their own life. Nobody can predict whether it’s going to hit you next.

Vietnam: My Orange Pain

When the war is nominally ‘over’ former combatants are not likely coming back to watch what your soldiers have caused to enemies. Our team went to Vietnam to see what consequences had the spreading of chemical Agent Orange led to. Years after the conflict, children are still affected by it.