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Top-5 science riddles & phenomena

Ghosts, curses and mysteries to puzzle anyone. RT Doc crews have witnessed many supernatural and scientific phenomena over the years. Here're some of the strangest:

5. The Spirit of Baikal

Lake BaikalLake Baikal, the world's biggest, oldest and deepest lake holds many mysteries. Some scientists believe that finding the key to the lake will unravel secrets from the entire universe: they say it boasts an intricate combination of exceptional natural factors. The film looks into what else attracts both scientists and believers of all faiths to Baikal.

4. Seeking Immortality

Biologist Maksim Skulachyov scrutinizes how cells dieRussian scientists' hunt for the elixir of immortality. Moscow scientist Vladimir Skulachev's team claims to know how to increase the human lifespan several times over. His experiments show that he might just be on the right track. Discover the recipe for eternal life from scientists, film makers and even members of an Abkhazian long-livers choir.

3. Mysterious Sands of Russia

Mysterious sands of RussiaIn the 1930s, the village of Shoina was covered with forests. Now the whole place is almost buried in sand. Some blame fishing boats for damaging the sea bed and causing the sand to rise, others say it was animals and trucks that eroded the grass around the village. The village is only one of many places that were affected by such phenomena. The film discovers how the dunes emerged in parts of Russia and what needs to be done to protect nature.

2. The Permafrost Mystery 

One of the mysterious Yamal cratersThe appearance of giant craters in Siberia sparked dozens of wild theories about their origins, from meteorites to UFOs. An RT Doc crew travelled to the region to try to find explanations for the geological mystery. 

1. Sleepy Hollow, Kazakhstan

The village of Kalachi, Kazakhstan

Residents of Kalachi village, in Kazakhstan are experiencing a strange ‘sleeping sickness’: adults fall asleep at random, while the kids often even see hallucinations. The people of Kalachi never know when they’ll wake up again… Some blame ghosts for the disease, others – the abandoned uranium mines nearby. The film tries to find the answer to this riddle.